Size Guide



We offer a number of size variations for our necklaces:

Styled Length

Each product is available in the 'Styled Length' - this is the length as displayed on the first product image. This varies from 36cm to 46cm. 

All necklaces shorter than 40cm come with a 3cm extension chain.


Choker Length

We offer certain necklaces in a 'Choker Length' - 36cm.

Although this length comes with an additional 3cm extension chain, as a precaution/if you are slightly unsure regarding the length, please measure your neck first to make sure that it will comfortably fit.*

*See below for a quick & easy way to measure yourself!





We offer two size variation for our bracelets:
Standard length: 16 - 18cm
The clasp is positioned at 16cm with an extension chain allowing for wear up to 18cm.
Longer Length: 17 - 20cm
The clasp is positioned at 17cm with an extension chain allowing for wear up to 20cm. 



How to measure yourself - an easy trick

A little unsure as to what size to pick or whether a certain length will fit comfortably?
Take a piece of string (or anything you can get your hands on, a charger cable is a great alternative), wrap it around you wrist/neck/finger as tight as you would ideally want your bracelet/necklace to sit and make a note of where the ends touch (using a pen can help). Then, simply measure the length using against a ruler. And there you have it - the easiest way to get an accurate measurement. 
If you require a custom size/length, please feel free to get in touch with us by emailing or by sending us a Direct Message on Instagram - we will be sure to get back to you.